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12_daysofficmas's Journal

Twelve days of fandom during the holiday season
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Banner made by salomesensei - much thanks to her!

Don't let the name fool you. 12_daysofficmas welcomes any type of fandom creativity in any fandom you can name. The only request is that you don't post anything rated over "r" or "teen", in keeping with the holiday spirit. If you can only post one new item between the time period - specifically, December 25th through January 6th, that's one new thing you've done!

Not designed with any fandom in mind, 12 Days is simply to challenge you a little bit during the season and maybe give you an outlet for creativity during that time.

There are, of course, a few rules:

Be nice to one another. If you don't like a pairing, fandom or work, please skip it unless you can offer unbiased, constructive criticism.
Always include a disclaimer in your work. Unless it's original fiction or art, in which case you might want to include something similar to designate it as yours.
Please put the main body of your post under a cut. You can use a fake cut that will take the viewer to your live journal, if you want.
Please label things appropriately. What I mean by that is, be sure to have a rating, fandom and characters or pairing listing in your header, so the viewer has an idea what to expect. Again, please do not post anything rated higher than "R" or "Teen" in this community.
Feel free to spread the word.

Sample Header:

In the subject line: Title of your piece, Fandom, Rating, What you're posting (i.e., Icons, Art).

In the body of your post:
Word Count (if applicable)

< lj - cut>

In the Tags: Your name, Fandom (make sure to include the full name of the fandom, not just call letters or nicknames, i.e., not BtVS for Buffy the Vampire Slayer or MUNCLE for The Man From U.N.C.L.E.)